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USES: Strong general purpose cam strap with padding at buckle to protect any painted surfaces from contact and scratching (e.g. when used on a car roof rack).

PADDED Metal Cam Buckle Straps: heavy-duty high-tenacity polyester webbing straps with die-cast zinc spring-loaded cam buckles (55mm long x 33mm wide).

50mm-width Protective Webbing Pad under cam buckle protects your vehicle or any surface that might be scratched.

Easy to fit; very secure.

NB. These die-cast zinc cam buckles are rated at 400kg – much more robust than the lighter ones you often find on straps. We also use a heavy-duty polyester webbing rated at 1500kg breaking strain – and our stitching has been independently tested at over 600kg breaking strain for our cam buckle range of straps.

The high-quality polyester webbing is 25mm wide (and 1-2mm thick).

Box Stitching for Extra Strength.